Bring Coffee...Get Blessed*

These are my notes from the Clay Shirky session in the online engagement lounge.

The only rational is to pay for aggregate it to get more for your money than you can by paying for it individually - dues goes to a platform to get more out of there than they could get on their own. Generate more money for you that way than what you could do on your own.

Certification remains untouched. Individuals can't do that on their own.

Lobbying - instead of lobbying on behalf of your members, lobby BESIDE your members show that you are mobilizing your members and that will be a big shift in the landscape. To stay important, create HIGH cost ways - like showing up in the representatives office - that the individuals can't accomplish on their own.

If I want to know something, there is better odds that I want to know it from someone who is in the field. Members educating members in the field, may be what they need. If they aren't coming to you, that may be a problem, so create a setting where that can happen. Help you members ask and answer those questions that they have and takes it from textbook logic to google logic.

Create a platform that the users are talking; where you are just the behind the scenes. The users create the content and, for the most part, manage themselves. Think about the quiet car on the train. If someone makes a phone call the other riders will shush them. They know that is they get flack for telling people to be quiet they can call the conductor and then s/he will make the person move from the car. So your members that they can regulate themselves and if the train is about to go off the rails, you will step in.


*The staff room has an espresso machine (coffee addict here). I grabbed a double espresso for Clay and he was more than a little excited to get some coffee.