It's the wrong question

Here are a few thoughts from the Clay Shirky session today at the Annual Meeting.

"It turns out that facebook is just really facebook" -Clay Shirky

"This issue is the old institutional model isn't working anymore...this isn't a new environment where you decide which set of rules you follow...you need new rules." Now, you do not need the institutional broker that used to be in the center of information. What does this do to your origination? It isn't a question of IF this is happening, because it already is. So how do you stay current?


What is your reaction?

Johnson and Johnson Blog BTW - talked about product with basically no way to comment. They state that they will remove comments if they aren't about the products and if they are as well. Then they made the comment counter bright red. So, why did they create the blog? Either have a blog that is strategic and useful to your audience or don't have a blog.

If you don't think you haven't lost control over your information you haven't looked hard enough.

If you want to take advantage of this, find the person in your origination that gets this and has these ideas and lock them out of the building... TILL they come back with medium and small sized ideas. If, you have 6 different ideas, and you are able to reconfigure, be flexible, then you have a shot. Let 7 flowers bloom. Have a few modest sized experiments rather than the GREAT leap forward. You then, invite your users in in ways that they are able to adapt to. That is the way to take advantage of the networks.