Twitterers Make Better Employees

I stumbled upon this post...via twitter. For the most part, I completely agree with the 5 reason employees who tweet make better employees. Yes, I am a little biased since I am an employee that tweets and this reasoning just makes sense! If you are in a membership organization, I hope you see the value in adopting the same principles.

1. Tworkers are usually extroverts. They don’t shy away from attention and they like showing off. They understand their roles as performers.

2. Tworkers are interested in being part of a community, one they help build. They care about people, and they’re sharing and compassionate.

3. Tworkers are unafraid of trying new things, but not because something is a fad. They are always looking for a better way of doing things.

4. Tworkers have the ability to quickly make friends with strangers. They also know that what they say reflects upon them and their company.

5. Tworkers know how to express themselves concisely in plain English. They say what they mean. They get to the point without wasting words.

The author, Jay Shepard, uses tworkers as a twitter worker/employee. I doubt that I will adopt that, but it makes for the perfect 140 character tweet so I approve.