WaPo - What a @#$%^&*! day

The front page of the local Washington Post site today pretty much sums up today:

Since we were on a 2 hour delay this morning, I slept in till 8am! I left the apartment by 8:30 (the normal time I get to the office). I thought by giving myself TWO full hours I would be able to make it to work by my start time of 10:30. By 9:20am, I gave up. I had made it A metro stop. Yes. one. single. metro. stop. in my 50 minutes commute.

Checking Twitter was a lifesaver. I found:

Then a train derailed!

 I am so glad I turned around and went back home this morning. My biggest question is, HOW was metro NOT prepared for the commute this morning? Yesterday was a clear day. The Fed wasn't open. They should have been working more diligently to clear the tracks. This is inexcusable. To reward us, we get a fare hike on March 1st. Thank you WMATA.