What Not to Do - Nestlé Edition

A few days ago I wrote a post about community management, as it turns out, Nestlé needs a few points in this area. Earlier today they issued a statement on their Facebook wall that is causing a revolt of some of the brands most loyal users. 

Social Media Today is reporting that is started with: 

Greenpeace is attacking Nestlé for its “unsustainable palm oil” policy. No news there. They’ve even released a scathing attack ad about Kit Kat in recent days entitled “Need a break? So does the rainforest?” Meanwhile, perhaps in response, the company’s Facebook minders this morning issued a killjoy edict to its 90,000-plus fan base that says anybody showing their loyalty to the brand by using the logo will be, ominously, “deleted.”

I am not saying Greenpeace is in the right or the wrong here, but Nestlé is not handling the backlash correctly. They need to forget about trademark issues on their logo and deal with the issue at hand. They also need a new manager for their fan page. I would never put (or allow) the following statement up on the fan pages I manage:

They are bleeding. At a very fast rate too. An appropriate response is needed from the company before this will stop. I highly suggest they stop deleting comments, if they don't they are just going to dig themselves a deeper grave.