I love Twitter. There I said it. It is an easy way for me to engage with other people from around the world and get knowledge fast. From a business prescriptive, it a great way to interact with the community I work with.  But, a lot of companies are only harnessing a portion of Twitter's power. How is this possible when they are present on twitter? It is because they aren't using the tool properly

It takes more than a Press Release 

I have been noticing the upswing in organisations on Twitter, which is great! Sadly, all they are using it for is one way communication. They are using it like TV. The TV takes the view of one person (the producer or corporation) and presents their results to many (the viewers). Twitter has the capabilities of being more like email. Where you can send you message to one person OR you can send it to many and converse with them. In the public domain. 

It isn't enough to just post about your newest press release or upcoming events or items you want people to act on. You need to engage with your audience. You need to talk to them and have a personality. That is what is so great about these brands:




Southwest Airlines



American Express*



The Excuse I hear the most

But, we only have fill in the number of staff. Yes, and so? This changes the situation how? You need to have someone working on PR, this should be their responsibility or get the help of a volunteer. If you want to cultivate lifetime members and people that can't live without your product, you need to engage with them or someone else is going to. It is a simple step, but one that is often ignored because it takes sometime. With the right twitter client, search terms, and a dedicated person it is an easy way to create dedicated members.

*in full disclosure, one of the programs I run for my organization is funded by a grant from American Express.