My To-Do List

In all the training I have been through, I have learned you are never going to accomplish something unless you write it down. I am taking it a step further (are you surprised?) and putting it out there for everyone to see. I expect things will change over time, but this is what I want to accomplish in this moment in time. I am not sure by when, but as long as I can check something off every few months I will be happy. Several of these are many years in the making, but they are here even though I know they won't be accomplished in the foreseeable future. 

Most of my to-dos aren't career related or technology related. This wasn't done on purpose, but over the few days I have been writing this post, I keep thinking about what I can do to expand my horizons. This is what I came up with:

-Finish my pilots license
-Visit every continent
-Own a Brikin Bag
-Run for public office
-Own a house in Old Town that is larger than 900 sqft 
-Break a few glass doors
-Eat a balanced diet
-Become a foodie
-Be able to talk knowledgeably about wine
-Learn how to sew (I sewed my first quilt!)
-Raise a gender neutral child 
-Go into Space (yes, outer space)
-Meet President Obama
-Meet Bo Obama 
-Have a stylist that can teach me how to dress myself 
-Have said stylist with me on all shopping trips
-Live abroad again
-Learn another foreign language
-Learn another programming language 
-Go to the gym 3 times a week and actually workout
-Run the Disney Princess half marathon 
-Plant a garden
-Get a puppy (and by puppy I mean a Newfoundland
-Finish the case study
-Fly a vintage aircraft
-Move to a different Coast
-Become a mini-Martha 
-Learn how to bake
-Learn how to cook
-Be interviewed because you are an expert in something
-Make a dress to wear to work
-Host a diner party
-Volunteer more
-Stop checking Facebook so often

A slight cheating moment, as I started working on this post, I was able to cross a to-do item off! TWICE! I was interviewed (and video tapped!) for two upcoming books. One is on leadership and the other is networking. Once the books are published, I will post about them. Tomorrow, I am being interviewed by NPR for the second time on going wireless and life connected to the internet. We had a pre-interview discussion last week and tomorrow it is being recorded. I will post the story once it is online.