We Needed This Last Night

I have this app on my phone called Square. It allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere via your iPhone and/or iPad. You can even get a little card reader so you don't have to manually enter in the credit card info.

So, I have had this app for a little while and didn't think much of it honestly. OK, it is neat that I can take payments from friends via their credit cards and we don't have to worry about carrying cash. But, I still haven't used it that way. 

 This morning it popped into my mind how we really could use Square everywhere...

including at our fundraisers, like the one we had last night. We traditionally take donations through the old paper and pen method which requires a lot of work back in the office after the event. I keep thinking how much easier Square would make this process. It is quicker for the person donating. All you have to do is swipe the card, sign, give an email address and you are done. Plus, the receipt is mailed to them on the spot. The big selling point for me is privacy and safety concerns. With everything being handled in the device, you don't have to worry about someone getting a hold of that piece of paper with your sensitive information on it. 

It also allows every employee with a company issued iPhone could take donations throughout the evening. If we did this, I would turn it into an employee competition to see who can get the most number of people to donate. It puts the fundraising responsibilities on the entire staff at the event and not just the one person at the lone table taking donations. 

All of this being said, this is just in theory (at least for my experiences). I haven't even used the app yet other than to install it on my iPhone and iPad. Nor has Square asked me (or given me anything) to write about their product. I am waiting for my card reader to arrive and I hope I have a reason to test it out.