iPhone 4 - The Wait

This morning my alarm went off at 5am. 1.5 hours before it should go off, but today is not an ordinary day. I walked to metro and, thanks to delays, I got to Pentagon City Mall just before 6am to find close to 1,000 of my closest friends in line at the Apple Store. That is right folks, I was getting in line for my reserved iPhone4.

Or so I thought.

The line wrapped almost around the ENTIRE floor of the mall. This was for the reserved phones too! Even at 6AM I knew if I stayed in line, I wouldn't make my lunch meeting. So I went to the office. Yes, I was the only person here at 6:30am, but that was fine with me.

About noon I started hearing about stores selling out and I got extremily nervous. Once I heard the Bethesda store was "sold out" I called the Pentagon City Apple store. A rather perky employee told me that if you reserved a phone, you will get it as long as you are there by COB today. It also sounds like the reserved line is slowly going down.  So, I am leaving the office at 3pm to go get in line...again.

I am super excited to have an iPhone with a camera that works! I can actually twitpic after I get it! But, I am not looking forward to a few hours in line at the mall. I did talk the hubby into meeting me ther after he is off of work. (he just really wants to play with my new phone)

Now, I am waiting for 3pm. Sigh.