iPhone 4 - Review

I love my iPhone. It is as simple as that. Going from a used 3G to the iPhone 4 has been a huge upgrade. For me, it is the simple things that are working now like the camera. I can actually twitpic! The processor doesn't lag and frustrate me and the multi-tasking is like butter, I can't live without it (more on this later).

The improved clarity with the new displays are great; everything is just a bit crisper. It has taken me a bit, but I am getting used to the folder option on organizing my apps. I don't have them categorized exactly how I would like them yet, but I am getting there. I really have to think about how I use the app to put them in the correct category. For instance, do I put the tip calculator app in shopping or food because it could go in both. 

Now, everyone knows I am a Mac fan girl. I will fully admit that I love most of their products. But, iPhone 4 may be beating out my iPad as my favorite Apple product. Why? Because of the multitasking. When I am on metro, in meetings, or anywhere being able to double click the home button to pull up my email without having to reload twitter is priceless. I have gotten so used to it over the past few weeks that I have been trying to multi-task on my iPad.... When the iPad OS update comes out, I am going to be in love with my iPad again and iPhone 4 will go into second place.


I started writing the post a few days after getting my iPhone 4. Then, the Thursday after I got the phone I was on a career coaching call with my fantastic coach and my session was dropped. TWICE. I was sitting in my bedroom, next the the window with my computer in my lap and my coach was gone. There was no reason for the call to drop. 

A week later, I am in the same room, on the same call and the phone is fine. I am not sure what is going on. Maybe I am having interference from somewhere. I've ordered a bumper for the phone (I wanted it before we knew there were issues) but it hasn't arrived yet.

I am starting to have signal issues in places I hadn't before. I've always been able to receive calls at my desk at work, in my apartment, and walking through my neighborhood. Now, everything is very spotty and sporadic.

In general, I love my iPhone 4. There are some issues that need to be worked out though. If I had had a fully functioning 3Gs, I don't think I would have upgraded. Going from a 3G to a 4 is a huge step and the pros do out way the cons for me.