Social + Community

Over the past year I have focused a portion of my time in the office on our young professional community's social efforts. The past two months have led to great strides in what we have been able to accomplish with the tools we use. Three weeks ago a national news source came to a happy hour I hosted and we were the top headline. Two weeks ago I was in Chicago for an event I was hosting and an on-site registrant came because of a facebook fan page update.

This morning, I was finishing my yougart and a tweet pops up that I wasn't expecting. (My program aggregates specific keywords I have set.) A person I haven't met wrote a thank you tweet to us for hosting an event last Friday; then a tweet went out about blog post was written about the community by someone else I haven't met. Both tweets were re-tweeted with all of our info over and over and over again. With a little analysis, from the first tweet, we had over 5,000 impressions. This is mostly in front of people we haven't reached before. For our community, with just over 700 members, this is a big deal! Add the second blog post in there, coupled with the total impact of the first tweet, and we are at 15,000 impression. On a Monday morning.

Now, take this to the next level. Where could this go? The great, and scary part, is that it can be taken to a whole new level. If we continue to cultivate this audience, on and off line, we will have a whole new grouping of potential members and program attendees. Plus, they are already more likely to get involved with my origination based on the positive experiences that were just reviewed. So, I think it was a great Monday for the community.