Twitter - Movie Trailer

If you haven't seen "The Social Network" trailer, watch that first. (Yes, it is an actual movie.) In great internet tradition, here is the Twitter Movie Trailer. Listen to the music. Hysterical.



This afternoon I am headed to the Bay Area! I have two leadership programs in California over the next two weeks and am taking advantage of flying out 3 days early so I can actually spend some time in one of my favorite cities. Last I heard, we might stop by the TWiT Cottage to catch a recording again. Tuesday is when our super geeked-out program starts. You have to put a tech-geek spin on the program when it is in SFO. (I can't wait to post pictures from that!) Then, I am off to our giant meeting in LA. Two weeks in California is going to be a nice reprieve from the 90-100 degree weather DC has been blessed with this summer! Hopefully, there will be several updates and picture posted over the course of this trip.