NASA Tweetup Part 2

Better late than never right? So, I am flying to San Francisco and the wifi isn't working on the plane. Isn't it sad how accustom we get to something and miss it big time when it isn't available? I am forced to write these posts off line and repost when we are on the ground. (how sad, right? ;-) Anyways, the NASA tweetup.

This was my first NASA tweetup and talk about an experience. Their social team took the time to really think about how they were going to present the agency. From the badges and gift bags we got to the tech support on-site, everything was well organized.

@astro_TJ was the special guest!  He shared the story of his time on the International Space Station (ISS) and what his life has been like in the 50ish days since he has been back on Earth. Then, the audience, in-person and on twitter, got to ask questions.  Joel asked questions about the infrastructure on the ISS and I asked about what his favorite aircraft is to fly.

I found out after the event that people have flown in from Spain to NASA's tweet ups! I couldn't believe it. In our audience there were people who made a spontaneous vacation out of the opportunity. People flew in from all over the US. How great is that? I was actually slightly surprised I didn't know anyone who was there. I kinda expected to see someone I knew from my many aviation related tweets to be there.

All of the above photos were taken by my husband.

And we have wifi! Oh, how I have missed you. I feel connected to the word again.