San Francisco

I forgot how much I love this city. Today, I am working from a friends couch, the windows are open, and I am wearing a sweater, jeans, and flip-flops. Life doesn't get much better than this! Plus, my husband is working in the next room. Which is great for when I have coding questions and want someone to go to lunch with me. Even better, this is my view as I type this post:

How nice it is out, really does help me relax. Normally, today's events would have made me super stressed out. But, then I looked outside, took a deep breath and realized that there is a "one cup at a time" coffee shop just down the street that is fantastic. And, if I solve the current crisis successfully and quickly, I can go get some freaking awesome coffee (we've been going to their store on 24th in The Mission, you have to go if you are in San Fran).

The great news is I just heard from a speaker who is able to replace are our very sick and unable to travel key note presenter for tomorrow's meeting. My husband is beyond jealous because the replacement speaker is someone he loves. And I get to talk to him on the phone, again. Guess who is going to have fun with this one (again). 

Now, back to a recap of the weekend. Yesterday, we did a tour of a green winery in Sonoma and another vineyard that makes a style of French sparkling wine. I joined the sparkling wine club. The Rose and Brut were fantastic.

I took it as a good sign when a P-51 flew over. I wasn't expecting that! Then, we saw a bi plane. That spurred the conversation of renting a plane and flying around San Francisco. I would love to do this one day. Next time I come out, I will have to bring my flight bag with me. 

We ended the day with a mostly fog free view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Isn't it just gorgeous? I love this city. It is the only place in the world where you can completely geek out and you will be with "your people". Where else can you go and see people in t-shirts with code jokes on them? Ok, other than where ever my husband is. His "I Survived Dial-Up" shirt would go far here. I need more frequent flyer miles so we can come here more often.