Blogworld 2010 - The Adventure Begins

I am off on what is turning out to be a very bumpy flight to Vegas for Blogworld. Based on the updates from a few friends who are already on the ground, it is going to be a great conference. We have the events planned, reservations for dinner are made, and tickets to a few shows. This is all going to be crammed into three days too!

Should I say that this is my first time going to Las Vegas? It will be my second time ever in a casino in the US. My first US casino was on a business trip in Detroit with their CVB. (Don't knock it! There was a Wolfgang Pucks and you have to go see the Westin with the Bliss Spa. Oh, so good.) Now, that your jaw is dropped, there are a lot of things that I need to see and do. Hopefully, while not spending too much! Conference wise, I will be catching as many sessions as possible. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will learn a bit more than I did at SXSWi earlier this year. I really want to find a few designers that are extremely familiar with Squarespace. On that note, if you know any good designers, send them my way.

On this flight, I've come to realize how spoiled I have been with wifi on flights. Since this is a personal trip, we are on Southwest and not my usual airline, Virgin America. Don't get me wrong, I love Southwest. Their customer service is great. Prices are wallet friendly and I have been flying them a lot this year. But, not all of their planes are equipped with wifi. That makes for a sad 3.5 hours in the air to our stop in Denver. What did we ever do before we could tweet at 30,000 ft? I am going through withdrawal. Good thing the mifi will connect me once we are on the ground in.

As I posted to Facebook earlier, what happens in Vegas will be on this blog and on twitter. See, the saying what happens here, stays here totally doesn't apply to people like me. I will be tweeting about what is happening the entire time. For those of you that have been to Vegas, What can't I miss? What is the one thing I have to see/do? I am kinda hoping someone will say indoor skydiving.* I am really looking for an excuse to try it!

*Because no one should jump our of a perfectly good airplane. You should be enjoying the flight. :-)