Blogworld - Day 2

Day 2 - The last day in Vegas. Thank goodness. Although I thoroughly enjoyed parts of the conference, I learned that Vegas isn't exactly the city for me. By the end, I was craving Alexandria. I wanted to be home. Before I could go home, I still had some things to do:

Understanding Video Formats

John Foster had an awesome example of compression and what happens to your content when you squeeze it down over and over again. He took an advertisement, squeezed it and threw it across the room. Then, someone threw it back. He did this over and over again. Each time, we looked at the quality of the image. Each time it got worse. Surprised? No. But how many of us compress everything over and over again and don't think about it?

The point that stood out to me, based on what questions my community deals with constantly, is define what your target is. You don't need 1080p as your source if you are taking something large down to something for 720. Why bother? Shoot in that and edit from there and there is no need to compress. In the end, you are going to end up with a better product in the long run.

The Rest of the Conference

The rest of the time at the conference was really spent on the expo hall floor. I wanted to learn about several different products and take advantage of the Ford test drives that were going on. Where else can you hassle free test drive a car? So, we really did take advantage of the opportunity.

What we found, by test driving 4 different cars, was we are in the market for a crossover! (BEST part of the conference) It has taken me 1.5 years to talk the other half into something other than a sedan. Thank you, Ford. So, after a bit of independent research back in out hotel room, we decided that we are most likely going to get the Edge.

Why are we sold on the Edge? Outside of the physical aspects of what the car can hold, etc this is why:

Ford BWE Demo of My Ford Sync 

I did cut the video when Joel started explaining what the Twitter API is. I started filming again to get a bit more of the features. The only editing I did was to stabilize the footage.

Pt 2 of our Demo with Ford 

I would think for those of use that are connected to our phones, these features are becoming a necessity. I won't have to look at my Google Maps app to figure out how to get somewhere. I can still place a call and not have to fiddle with my phone and the list goes on. I hate talking on the phone and driving; let alone trying to manage the GPS. As most of my friends know, I get lost very easily in the DC Metro area. I hate leaving Alexandria because I will inevitably get lost. Having my favorite places plugged in ready to go with maps I can update with an SD card is perfect. 

So why are we most likely going to get the Edge? Because we are waiting just a bit. I want to see what the 2012 models look like, and to be honest, our current car will suffice for a bit longer. (Really longer than I want to admit.) But, that doesn't mean I don't want the Edge now! 

I should also note, the only thing I got from Ford through the conference was a USB key chain; just like everyone who went to their booth.

Final Thoughts

This had been one interesting event. I have learned a lot about me and where I want to take this blog. Partly, through insights from @Squarespace about the future of the platform and how maybe the changes I was looking to make design wise may need to wait. I also learned that I am not a Vegas kinda person. I beg, beg all tech conferences to move to San Francisco. I will gladly play a higher ticket price if that is what it takes.

For those looking to attend Blogworld next year, this was a very entry level event. I was really there for the expo hall because it was much better than SXSWi's trade show. If you are new to blogging, it is worth it. If not, you should look for events in your local area to attend. All-in-all, I am glad I made another trek West. Being able to see friends and make new ones is always worth it!