Death by Delay - Never!

It takes more than leadership to get an idea through to implementation. In most organizations, you have to learn the political moves necessary to see a project through. Sometimes, that even means planting the idea with someone else.

HBR's Tip of the Day addresses just this in 3 steps. In How you protect your good idea

  • Death by delay. Adversaries may try to put off the discussion, ask for additional information, or otherwise delay a decision on your idea, thereby slowing momentum. Keep your audience focused on making a decision.
  • Confusion. Detractors often present distracting information or try to link your idea to several others in an attempt to confound people. Be clear about what your idea is and what it isn't.
  • Fear mongering. Nothing kills an idea faster than irrational anxieties. Know what fears your challengers might stir up and be prepared to allay them.
  • I like these tips so much, I bought the book and it is currently waiting for me in my Kindle app. To make it even more compelling, a coworker finished the book in two days and is recommending it to everyone. I plan on getting through a good portion waiting in line today for the second DC Daily Show taping. (Yes, I have a "can be admitted if you get there before 500 other people" ticket.) I hope it lives up to the recomendation my coworker gave.