Time for a Little Change

Things have been a bit slow on the blog the last month. I've been going back and forth on whether to completely redesign this whole site. I finally decided to do a complete overhaul and am excited for the new adventure, the new design and a few other upgrades that will happen with the new site.  So stick with me through the next few weeks as I begin the transition.

What should you expect? Nothing for the next few days. As we get everything up and running, things will remain the same over here for the next month or so. When the new site is ready to launch, you'll be in for a treat! (Though, if you are like me, you only read content in Google Reader so you won't even notice a change, except for more frequent posting.)

Why the change? It isn't because I am disappointed with my current service, in fact, I really do like it. Though, similar to handbags of the past, it just isn't the best fit for me now. I know that in order to grow to where I want to take this site, I need a little change. I also learn best by doing and there is no better way than a full immersion. The last few days I also learned not to tell a web designer that you also want to perfect your skills; especially when you are married to said designer. A - He holds you to it and B - He makes sure you do learn what you set out to learn. I apologize in advance for any errors you experience, those are 100% my coding mistakes.