My Big Secret

In my time blogging, I never thought I would have to write a post like this; actually, it is rather difficult. I blog about personal things, like getting married to Joel and mostly things I find interesting. But, this is going to become a bit more personal. I must say, I owe the courage to talk about what is going on to Erin, who you probably know as @queenofspain. She helped me understand that sometimes you just need to tell something to #suckit, like Lupus or brain surgery.

Here it goes: towards the end of 2010, late November to be exact, I started feeling a little weird. I played it off to basically having a desk job during the day and not getting enough exercise. Then, there was a point where I couldn't even feel my extremities. Yeah, that kind of weird. After ER visits and the many doctor's appointments that I complained about on twitter, I found out that there is something wrong with my brain (queue scary music).

I've tried to find the sliver lining in all of this. The fantastic news is although this sounds horrible, some of the potential disorders I could have had, I have the best life-friendly one. In fact, the doctor thinks that there is a chance my life will get back to normal in the near future. But, to get back to normal, I have to have brain surgery (next queue for scary music). Considering every term and potential issues the doctors have educated me on (and every diagnosis I've given myself thanks to webMD) I am beyond lucky. I really am.

In a few days I am going to be admitted to Johns Hopkins for surgery. I would explain what is going to happen, but Joel has already passedout when the Doctor was just describing my brain (I'm going to tease him for years about that). Basically, after a few hours of surgery I should be on the road to recovery. I know my hospital stay isn't going to be short, but it is shorter than I expected. The one downside is my doctor refuses to answer my requests for installing more RAM. Since he is already going to be in there and the MacBook Pros just got a refresh, I figure I should be able to get one too! It's only fair.

Recovery is, well, recovery. It outright sucks but everyday I will be getting better. Everyday, I will be one step closer to my normal self and till then, I have my mom and Joel to take care of me. I'll be blogging more (hopefully) because I will be required to take it easy and stay off of my feet; Doctor's orders.

I'm going to be handing off my social accounts to Joel. I know how tipsy I get after 1/4th of a glass of wine so I have a feeling high-powered pain medicine and I are going to be a very interesting combo. I'll be entertaining people in the ICU, that is for sure. You'll know if I snatched my iPhone. Which brings me to my last point, please don't hold me responsible for tweets posted directly after surgery.

So, that's the big secret that I have been keeping. I kinda wish it was a fun secret like getting a puppy or seeing a double rainbow. But, it isn't.