I'm Having Brain Surgery. What's Your Excuse?

My Hair

I did it. I cut ten inches of hair in preparation for D-Day. It makes me feel like I am in control of something. And I'll take it. Friday at work, it was great seeing everyone's expression. I guess it is kinda surprising to go from shoulder length hair to hardly hitting my ears, but I like it! It may have to stay this way after surgery.

The End (of Work) is Near

It is weird thinking that I have 7.5 hours are left of work before I am officially on leave. It is strange to not know when I will be going back. I think it will be even stranger when I go for my Hopkins pre-op on Tuesday. That's it. After that, it is just getting my parents here. I can almost count the number of days left on one hand; my stomach started the "knot process" on Saturday. So many coworkers have commented on how calm I am and, well, they don't know that I am probably giving myself an ulcer with all of my worrying. Work is a distraction, for the most part, it keeps me thinking about other things. I'm not sure how I am going to do without that distraction. By talking and blogging about everything I have been able to connect online with several people who have had brain surgery. Knowing people that have been through this is beyond comforting. I know that I can make it through this.

Good Eats

On Saturday I had brunch with two wonderful ladies, Cate & Chrisi. It was the first time I got to see both of them in way too long. Through the first part of brunch we were chatting about hair, what's going to happen and all of that jazz. Then, we got past the scary stuff and started creating a top 10 list of post-surgery must dos. I am still working on this list but here it goes:

(In true Letterman fashion)

  1. Get a pedicure; this is more of a necessity.
  2. Take mom to the Cherry Blossoms.
  3. Have a good-bye party for my living will.
  4. Dinner celebration with friends!
  5. Take my mom to Founding Farmers. Four words: Lobster Mac & Cheese.
  6. Figure out what it is going to take to get cleared by the FAA to fly again. (oy - not looking forward to that process)
  7. Take Joel to Europe. (he's never been)
  8. Take at least one nap every day!
  9. Visit San Fran again and hop on a flight to Hawaii.
  10. While still bandaged, ride through the supermarket/target on a motorized scooter. Take pictures.


If you've been following my twitter account, you would know that on Thursday I got a PUPPY! ::squee!:: Allison sent me a get-well package and it arrived with a Corgi in it!! (and an awesome book about brain surgery) I really don't care that it isn't a real puppy, at least I have some form of a puppy! Allison introduced me to this fantastic blog: Obsessive Corgi Disorder. Since that fateful day a few weeks ago, I have been obsessed with Corgis. You have to admit, they are rather adorable. If you don't believe me, check out OCD.

But, I don't have a name for the new puppy. I can't decide. It has to be an English name given that it is a Corgi. I already have Mr. Darcy and Scarlet so those names are out. Why should I worry about a name for a stuffed dog? Well, Corgi is going with me to Hopkins. Some days you need something to keep you strong and, since my husband passes out all the time, a puppy is just the answer. So, Corgi needs a name; a strong name. One that says, "Hey, having brain surgery is just a walk in the park!". Any thoughts on that one?

The Last 6 Days

So I was going to attempt to write something funny about the upcoming week, but it is making me nervous. I need to find ways to stay busy and stay focused on the end result: getting better. My father and sister will be here late Friday night and my mom flies in on Sunday morning. I guess that is that. I need a funny movie now.

Oh and if you haven't heard, I now own the only Apple DeskBook Pro on the market.