Never Ending Appointments

I have this packet that I was handed during my pre-op appointment that I'm scared to open. It's still in my purse with copies of my last MRI scans. It lists a whole lot of what I am not allowed to do for the next few days, including no pain meds. Ugh. 

Speaking of the pre-op appointment, everything went great until they decided I needed more lab work. My appointment was at 10:30 which means I had breakfast at 8 before I left the apartment. By the time I finally got to see the anesthesiologist, it was 11. They sent me to the lab at 11:25 and didn't get called to actually go into the lab till 12:35. Lab work after a 5 hour fast is not recommended. It lead to this tweet:

Yup, I passed out. I've never passed out before. Ever. I learned my lesson: have lunch before waiting on the Hopkins lab. 

If passing out in the hospital wasn't enough for one day, I had my next appointment at my lawyer's. I created my living will and power of attorney. The good news is that I didn't pass out at that appointment. I also didn't cry, so I guess that is my second piece of good news. 

Friday begins the day of appointments again. It's back to the lawyers to sign final documents. Since I can't do physical things, the cleaners get here to make the apartment. Then, the family starts arriving. My father and sister will get here about lunch time. Kayla, my sister, will be spending time with us till Saturday when she has to fly back for university. I can't wait till my mom gets here on Sunday. I need her to be here.