It's Been One Week, 7 days, 168 Hours

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

I can't believe it has been 1 week. This time last week, I was sick to my stomach I was so scared. I was holding Bertie as tight as possible because Joel wasn't allowed in the room during prep. When Joel and the rest of my family were allowed to see me, the Neurosurgeon and both of the the Anesthesiologists for the last time, I broke down. I knew I would. It was so bad that my family was asking them to give me something to calm down. But, I made it. I've made it through the first week of pain, agony and learning my new limits. I made it.

Here is what I can do:

  • Shower with supervision (my mom has to stand on a step-stool next to me to help me wash my hair)
  • Reach my hands straight up in the air (couldn't lift them after surgery!)
  • Walk around to the front desk of the apartment complex without stopping
  • Sit up in bed without help (most of the time)
  • Stand up a majority of the time without help
  • Mom and Joel have stopped following me EVERYWHERE! I only have someone follow me when requested!

On Sunday, we made not one but TWO trips outside. Both were to Del Ray. First, we had lunch at one of our favorite Mexican places and followed it with a trip to the Dairy Godmother. (My mother is in love with their custard now) Our second trip was to meet Maggie of The First Ladies of Baseball. Maggie adopted Winston Churchill from my little sister at Christmas. In between the two trips there was a 5 hour nap, but I think the trips went really well! We didn't have any issues with either trip.

Although parts of the last week have utterly stunk, I am making lots and lots of progress. So I can't drive, shower alone and still need lots of help but I'm getting there; that is the important part.