Dear Brain: Don't Let Me Down

On Thursday, I have my final appointment with my neurosurgeon. I.am.nervous. I have to ask him for permission for something and I don't know what the answer is going to be. First, a little back ground. In February 2010, I was appointed by the Alexandria City Council to sit on the Alexandria-Caen, France Sister City Committee. The committee finds different ways to explore French culture, bring new ideas back to Alexandria that would help citizens and to host delegations that visit from France. This fall, the committee needs several members travel to France in September - over my birthday. Leaving out the part that it is over my birthday and I could be celebrating the near end of a decade in Paris, I would be able to explore Caen and look for ways that our cities could work together even more. Oh, how I miss Europe.


Everything hangs on Dr W signing off on an eight hour flight each way across the pond. I do have a back-up plan! If eight hours is too long to be at that altitude in a pressurized flying capsule, Iceland is a four hour flight from DC. I can schedule an appropriate layover. (I hope he'll go for that backup plan if it is necessary.)

So Brain, I am asking you to be in a good enough condition that Dr W gives me the go-ahead for September. By the week of the flight you will be hours away from six months post surgery. And Brain, you haven't been to Western Europe in way too long. Remember that last trip you took in 2003? Yeah, I don't either. Brain, promise me you will put on a good show and impress Dr W. Think about the joy you would bring to Joel too! He gets to go with me and he's NEVER been to Europe; but he can't go unless I am cleared to travel. My wonderfully large Brain, you know you can do this. Make it work.