90 Days Later...

Pinky & The Big Brain Needs Your Support

3 months ago my life changed, hopefully, for the better. It is too soon to tell at this point. If I thought my life had hills and valleys before having brain surgery, I'm climbing Mt. Everest every other day now. Each and every day brings new challenges, and just like the weather on Everest, the challenges can change from minute to minute. I don't have a Sherpa to guide me either, sadly. A Sherpa would be nice, especially if s/he could score me a seat on metro.

Impatience is something I have needed treatment for, for a long while. I still have difficulty understanding why I still can't do somethings. Since my fateful 1 mile bike ride, I haven't really gotten on my bike again. It is difficult knowing that my days of riding as far as I wanted are most likely not going to return until I am in my third decade of life. Yes, I know I am only three months post surgery, but it is hard to accept that things are different. I assume it is similar to a stroke patient who, for example, used to be able to tie their shoelaces without thinking about it; who now has to have someone teach them this skill again. I am not saying I am exactly like a stroke patient, just that life is still more difficult than I expected; it is hard to accept at times. It doesn't help that "recovery" hasn't been the night and day difference that I expected. Recovery from the surgery is, medically, still going extremely well. It is learning to live and accept the malformation for what it is; that is my true Everest. All of this leads up to, my surgery was a treatment for my Chiari Malformation. It wasn't a solution or an all-in-one magic drug that fixes my rather large brain - not that I really want my brain to shrink, that just sounds like an all around bad idea.

I am raising funds to help find additional treatments for Chiari Malformations. If you could support my team Pinky and the Big Brain, I'd really appreciate it.

If you can support my team, it would mean a lot to me. We are trying to raise $1,000 to help find something more than a treatment for Chiari. The walk also happens to be two days before my birthday so donating would make an awesome birthday present.