Coffee Joulies - The Coffee Addict's Test

As we all know, I love my coffee. A few days after my Upgrade Day, I discovered kickstarter and Coffee Joulies. Since that day, I have been eagerly awaiting their arrival in the mail.

Dave & Dave, the creators of Coffee Joulies, teased and tormented us with updates, product testing and pictures of our Joulies, all without sending us any - until I took my first business trip post upgrade; then, my five Coffee Joulies arrived.

I am not the only coffee drinker in my household. Knowing that my new favorite purchase was sitting at home unsupervised, I used the only tactics I had available to me while I was in the Midwest. I preceded to threaten my husband and warn him that the Coffee Joulies were mine. (He just isn't as into coffee as I am. Imagine if he had a Mac Pro delivered while he was on a trip. I wouldn't be allowed to touch that puppy.)

The Joulies

The Joulies are smaller than what I expected. Though, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. If they were going to fit in my cup, they couldn't be too large. At the same time, they can't be so small that I accidentally swallow them. I do most of my drip-coffee consumption at the office so the following pictures are of my normal routine with our provided coffee and 12oz cups.



I washed the Joulies with soap and water even though they are dishwasher safe. Dried them. I noticed immediately that they started to warm up when I washed them. They were absorbing the heat from the hot water. Does this make them last longer? I don't know. They went straight into the cup I brewed my coffee into. (We have a single-serve machine in the office) I took a few pictures while I was waiting for my turn at the coffee maker.


The Coffee

I am testing the Joulies in the way that I will use them the most. Keeping my coffee warm in the office. I brewed 8oz of coffee which, as you can imagine, means I visit the coffee maker rather frequently. The coffee always comes out scorching hot. So hot, I always wait to drink it. The office temperature is set to Antarctica during the summer months so this cools the average cup of coffee rather quickly and works against the Joulies.

My cup cooled quicker than normal with the Joulies which is what they promised. They did bring the coffee to a drinkable temperature quicker. I've found in the past, coffee stays lukewarm for 10ish minutes in our office with the AC at warp speed. With the three Joulies in my cup, it stayed at a drinkable temperature for slightly longer - when I finished the cup.


Houston, We Have a Problem

My coffee is gone. I need a bigger cup if I am going to have the willpower to complete the test a full test. Many cups, and a few days later, I've had some mixed experiences. I think the Joulies help, but not as much as I would have liked. I was hoping they would be able to combat the super cold temperatures in the office; like other reviewers, I have found that isn't the case.

I love the concept of Coffee Joulies. I love the look and feel of the beans. I love the idea of helping Dave & Dave figure this concept out. I hope with a few revisions, the Joulies will live up to my expectations. Regardless, I will still continue to use them because, even if they only keep my coffee warm for a minute longer, it is a minute more than I had.