Another Year Older and 11cm Wiser

When my attorney and I started putting together paperwork, it was painful. I had planned to die this year. We talked through the whole process, what would happen to my accounts, who would be responsible for what and so on. There were documents drafted in case there was a miss-step in surgery and I was in a coma. At any age, it isn't fun. At 27, it seemed surreal. Somehow, while I was doing this, I was able to mostly hide my fears. I think only a few people really figured out how scared I really was. Plan for the worst; hope for the best. I'm a planner, that is what I do.

I really didn't think I would be here today; let alone able to do what I can do. This year has affected me in ways I just don't know how to describe. This year has flown by and I am extremely thankful that I am hear to see it everyday. 6 months ago, we were just trying to get past March 21st and now, with each day, we are just learning how to deal with the symptoms. But, I'm here. I'm alive and I can't ask for anything more than that.

I owe this past year to everyone who has helped Joel and I get through this - to the neurosurgery team at Hopkins for doing a great job and keeping me alive; to everyone who has put up with my crazy shenanigans post-surgery - thank you. I literally wouldn't be here without you.