The Making Of Our First Trade Show Booth


The past few years, I've been slowly expanding Old Town Suds' wholesale clients and made the decision that we needed to go to a wholesale show to make it happen. As luck would have it, a show was planning on coming to DC so it was a no brainer to attend. After deciding on our booth space size (6'x10'), I had to figure out our theme. Suds is kinda brewery, kinda posh, and kinda chocolate factory - which is rather difficult to transpose into a 3 dimensional space. I started on pinterest by searching for booth images. I found a lot that were beyond my skill level, the image of Suds and, well, the hubby would have killed me.

After the hubby calmed down when I told him I wanted to build hard walls, we got to work.

It was a pretty simple design. Basically, we took plywood, cut it in half, framed it with 2x4's (that were cut in half), added hinges, and added tons and tons of paint.

Cutting the frames for the plywood

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Framing the plywood

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Post painting testing

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Stay tuned for more posts on our first trade show and all of our new retailers!