Why Aren't You Doing This?

It always surprises me when other handmade business owners say they can't grow their email list. Usually, we are chatting at large craft shows with 50,000 people in attendance. My first question to them is "how many people signed up for it today?". I always get the return look of "what the hell is she talking about?"

The easiest way for a handmade business to get newsletter sign ups is to promote your newsletter at your craft fairs. Click to tweet

At every craft fair I've ever setup at, I've always had something out to collect email addresses. When it is colder, I use my iPad and MailChimp's iPad app to collect signups. When it is too hot for my iPad to run properly, I use the old fashioned clipboard, sign up paper, and a pen. It is front and center where everyone checks out. They can't not see our newsletter signup.

It really is that simple.

Most weeks I fill an ENTIRE 25 line signup form in under 5 hours at a 1,000 attendee market. What does it cost me? About 10 cents for the piece of paper and toner, plus 5 minutes to put the email addresses into MailChimp. I couldn't ask for a more cost effective way to reach my target audience.

So why aren't you growing your list? Do you have other tips for handmade business owners to grow their lists? Share them in the comments.