3 Ways to Sell More at Craft Shows

We've all been there in the craft show industry. You've researched your new venue. You walked the show the year before. You check the weather to prepare for every possible situation. Now, you hope and pray that the customers show up. 

Here are simple things you can do to increase your sales and make sure your booth stands out at your next craft show. 


1. Dress to your Brand 

I know it is easy to roll out of bed for the early setup call but that is not putting your best foot forward. Not only are your products making an impression to your customers, you are too. If you brand is country, dress in a more country motif. If your theme is apothecary, think medicinal and play it up. Decide on your standard uniform and always wear it for your events. Remember to have additional pieces to add or subtract depending upon our friend the weather. 

2. Collections

Every handmade business needs to be introducing product collections on a routine basis. These collections can be sold in groups and bundled with their base line. For our customer base, they are looking for something new and exciting when they come back to shop with us, it is our responsibility to make sure we are able to fulfill that need. 


Subscribers always get the best content first. 

3. Signage 

It's pretty simple. Signs sell products. Make sure you have adequate signage to help draw customers in to your booth and to help describe your products. If you aren't sure what types of signs you need to create head to your local retail center. Look at how the beauty counters are describing their high dollar products. Is there anything you are seeing that you could replicate?

Place signs to call out your collections. One of the best signs I ever created said "For Beer Lovers" and it was in a simple Ikea frame. It was placed at eye level near the corner of my booth to catch the eyes of people walking by. More people stoped because they had someone they needed to get a gift for that liked beer that for any other sign I had ever created. 

BONUS: Up sells at checkout

Think of your booth like the checkout at the supermarket. There are those little items that people see that they always add on to their order without thinking. Over the course of 20 purchases throughout the day, those small items add up to a big payout. We ask customers casually with each purchase if they need a soap dish to to make it last longer. The question is very non-sales like because I hate being pushy and phased in a way that they understand the benefit upfront. 9 times out of 10 they say yes. Then they see the lip balm and they add that to their purchase too. Their $20  sale just became $30; over the course of the day that is a large increase to the bottom line. 


It's back to basics 101. You have to tell people where you are at. Make sure you are sending at least weekly emails to your customers letting them know where to find you and other information that is relevant to your ideal customers. If you don't remind your regular customers to buy from you, they are going to forget about you!