My Favorite Free Resources

Creative Market 

I love Creative Market. Every Monday morning at 11am they send out an email of free goodies that you MUST sign up for. I'll wait. Sign up now here by creating an account.

I've used the goodies I've gotten for FREE for everything from social media graphics to the base wrapper of a soap package (meaning I got that product packaging for zero dollars!). How awesome is that! I regularly purchase off of Creative Market as well because it is a bunch of handmade business owners selling their goods. When I am looking for something specific, it's the first place I turn. I even got my little sister a resume template from Creative Market


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Creative Live

I discovered Creative Live a few years ago when they were first launching. It's my goto resource when I need some inspiration and to see how other creatives are working. On days like today when it is a blustery blustery day outside and I just need some sunshine in my life, I watch whatever course is being shot live that day or being rebroadcasted. Plus, if you'd like, you can see me in one of the classes :) 

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