The Best Planners for Entrepreneurs, Makers, and Anyone with a Side Hustle

I've had a love hate relationship with planners. With every new year, I decide I need the next new planner and 110% fall for shinny object syndrome. I don't know why I stray from the tried and true diaries that have proven time and again that they are the best systems for me and my clients, but alas, it happens. 

As we approach the New Year, I thought it would be apt of me to remind myself of my favorite planners for handmade businesses, entrepreneurs, makers, and, well anyone trying to take that side-hustle from a daydream to reality. 

The Day Designer

This is the first planner I bought after college... I'm not going to tell you when that was. It was the planner I started my side-hustle with in attempts to keep me on track with everything that I needed to get done on a daily basis between my full-time job, doctor's appointments, and my growing side business. 

What I love about the Day Designer is I had the opportunity to meet the creative force behind the planner, Whitney English, at a conference in New York City. I love it when you can physically put the name to a handmade product - it's what makes me love supporting this industry. 

The Day Designer is PERFECT for creative entrepreneurs and you will love the many covers and design that went into each edition. It will look fabulous on your desk. The downside of such a fantastic planner is that is it rather bulky. If you travel a lot (think commuting daily) this may not be the planner for you do to its heft. The planner's quality covers, binding, and daily pages are all good reasons for its size, it just comes with a price. 


The Desire Map Planner

Lately, I keep getting pulled back to the Desire Map Planner from Danielle Laporte. Unlike the traditional focus of an everyday planner, you'll be focusing on how you want to feel for the day, weeks, months, and years to come. If you are working on your mindset - The Desire Map Planner HAS to be your planner of, well, forever. 

What I love about Danielle, is the way she makes me take a step back and remember the why. I look at my vision board and remember my goals, think about the feelings and high-vibe nature I desire to love in and that is all wrapped up in 365 days of Desire Map Planner Goodness. As I am writing this, I want to go out and purchase another planner because visioning, feelings, and mindful action are my personal focus points for 2018. 

The Passion Planner

I am addicted to Kickstarter which is where I first discovered the Passion Planner. I needed a planner that looked professional, held up well, kept my week directly upfront, and gave me the space I needed to add anything else I needed. The Passion Planner was it.

This is a simple planner compared to the super designed planners I've reviewed, but don't let that stop you from loving it. For tracking weekly goals, the plethora of appointments, and a to-do list make this planner super functional without the bulk of a spiral bound book. For commuters, the Passion Planner is perfect. It fits in my handbag, messenger bags, and so on with ease. 

Once you've picked up your new favorite planner for the year, come on over to the Successful Makers Society and share your thoughts and reviews.