How to have the BEST Holiday Market Sales

It's pretty much everyone's favorite time of year: HOLIDAY PRESENT TIME! Be sure to read to the end to snag my holiday market checklist too! 

Gift Sets 

Make it simple for shoppers to buy their gifts, especially if you sell smaller-sized products like bath & body, jewelry, and so on. Gift sets in various price points grab the shoppers attention. They typically have an ideal amount they would like to spend so having sets already prepared in the price points keeps them happy and on budget. I typically have sets prepared for these price points: $15, $25, $50, & $75 since my products are on the cheaper side of gifting. For more expensive products, use your knowledge of past shoppers. What price points are they looking for? 


Indulge The Want To Shop For Themselves

I'll admit, most of the shopping I've done so far has been for myself... When your favorite products are on sale, I find myself indulging just a bit. Just the other day, some things I ordered came in the mail. I opened them to make sure everything was great and gave them straight to my husband so he had great gifts for me this holiday season. 

Knowing that people are also buying for themselves along with purchasing gifts helps small businesses.

It's the perfect time to play up the buy one for x or three for y. A free gift with purchase or a percentage discount if the customers spends over a certain amount also helps shoppers indulge without feeling guilty. 

Lights, Lights, Lights!

Lights are critical - especially if you have an outdoor market! If shoppers can't see your products they will NOT buy them. Point blank. You have to have spot lights on your top products to draw attention to them. People gravitate towards what they see and what catches their eye. Help them by making it your products. 


Stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, & the gift closet

Along with gift sets there are a number of other typical presents that people are buying for this holiday season. Customers find it very helpful if your signage and sets are displayed as stocking stuffers and  hostess gifts. These products are typically under $20 and packaged nicely so the buyer just has to hand them to the recipient. One year I was not having any luck making bath bombs. They were driving me insane. So I made smaller sized version and called them truffles and stuck them in a very nice box with a stain ribbon and a sign that said Hostess Gifts. They flew off the shelves faster than I could make them. Even with the nice packaging, I made $15 profit on an $18 item. I was helping my shoppers by filling a need with an item that had a very profit margin. It was a win win.  

Want to know what all I take with me to get my market booth in top selling shape? Download my checklist so know exactly what to bring with you so that you have the best holiday market selling season ever.