Why Your Handmade Business Needs Its Own Website

I was at a market the other day and loving on a shopper’s pair of handmade earrings and other jewelry so I asked her where she got them. 

Her response: “I got it on Etsy!” 

So I asked her what shop she got the earrings from because I really wanted them too. 

She responded with, “…It was just Etsy.com” 

Crap. She didn’t get why I was asking more questions and getting annoyed with me. Her responses give me about zero things to go on to find the designer that made those awesome earrings. I knew my chances of finding the ones I wanted was close to zero.

If this didn’t convince you that your handmade business needs its own website for buyers to shop from, take a look at these reasons:

  1. Legitimacy It shows that you are serious about your business. This isn’t just a side hustle or hobby. You’ve invested the time, skills, and energy to build a professional presence for your business. In a day and age when people know how easy it is to put up a site, it degrades your reputation when you don’t have one.  
  2. Power Marketing Forget just the Facebook groups and Instagram accounts. The email list is where it is at. When you have your own site you are able to collect names and email addresses of visitors who willingly give you their information. On my site, I do this in exchange for a small order discount so I am able to continue to grow my list - it works like a charm! 

    Retargeting also only works when you have your own site. Have you noticed the ads that follow you around after you visit a site reminding you of an item that you looked at? That is retargeting. You can only take advantage of that when you have your own site. Why do businesses do these ads? Because they work. 
  3. Cost Savings For a successful business, the cost savings of your own website over Etsy; especially Etsy Pattern, are going to add up quickly. Instead of your daily listing fees to game the algorithm, you will only insure your monthly subscription fee for your website (we highly recommend shopify, but more on that in another post). You’ll also be saving on the transaction fee. Yes, you will occur a credit card processing fee, but Etsy was charging you that too. 
  4. Branding “Oh, I got it on Etsy!” No mention of the actual store name. That’s how the average consumer associates shopping on the crafting platform. From a brand building standpoint, a shop cannot build its brand on a platform that is controlled so tightly. It needs to be able to make design decisions, control the navigation, and even the meta tagging - all design decisions should be made to promote the businesses brand 

There you have it; just a few reasons why your standalone e-commerce site is imperative to businesses owners - especially those of us that make, craft, and design our own products. 

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