This is EMBARRASSING ... What Makers Need to Learn From My Mistake

This past Monday I was on a roll. Everything in the day was running smoothly, well as great as it can run with a nearly 16 month old toddler who is just now learning it is faster to walk than crawl. 

I am finally on the mend after a bought of what we have affectionally dubbed “ass cancer”, (if it deals with the big C, you have to make it funny to survive...more on this later). My stitches on my bum were feeling less sore, and after a nearly month break from the gym, I was anxious to get my butt (ha!) back to my happy place.  

Joel and I had planned for me to pick up dinner after my class as a treat. He really wanted kabobs and I NEVER say no to them. Seriously, they are addicting. That white sauce is to die for but I digress. In the middle of my indoor cycling class where I am riding front row (a bit of pressure my first day back in the saddle) Joel let’s me know I need to pick up a few groceries before heading to grab our takeout. Not a problem. I am used to shopping at the grocery store next to my gym looking like one hell of a hot mess. I know I look like death warmed over and smell like it too, so I hurry through the aisles trying to grab what we need. All $29.58 worth. 

A number I will not forget. After I had the clerk scan my discount shopper card on my iphone, I reach into my handbag to discover it is EMPTY. I had driven to the gym, SHOPPED, and don’t have my wallet. In the checkout line while the cashier is waiting for my payment. 

I take a deep breath. I’ve got this. I can figure out how to use ApplePay. I set my phone up months ago knowing this could happen to me. 

The cashier tells me they don’t take ApplePay. 


Long story short.

I left the grocery store WITHOUT MY GROCERIES. I’ve never been so embarrassed. 

I tried to walk out of the store with my head held high, but looking (and smelling)  like a gym rat made it difficult. 

That’s when I realized how the store could have made this all better for me as a customer in this very embarrassing moment.

I had ApplePay setup on my phone. It directly links to my debit card. I could have easily paid and walked out of the store instead of them restocking my “purchases”. 

This is how handmade businesses need to treat their customers at markets. We need to be realize that we all make mistakes and forget things at home.

By having one simple piece of equipment, it is easy to save the sale.

My booth accepts ApplePay, AndroidPay, and several other forms of payments through Shopify’s handy dandy chip & swipe reader. Lesson learned: whichever payments platform you chose, make sure you don’t treat your customers like my (former) grocery store treated me.