Going Cashless

For those of you over in the Successful Makers Society, you know I accidentally signed up for yet ANOTHER craft market this year - so much for my year away from in-person events! Oops. 

This event is at my favorite brewery and they have my favorite beer on draft. How exactly could I say no? Especially since I've already broken my pledge of no markets. So I'm off to one more event. 

I decided I am going to test something that I've been pondering with a few other Makers this past year.

In the D.C. area especially, there have been higher instances of theft of cash boxes at events throughout the region. I use a cash drawer system similar to what you'd find in a brick and mortar so my drawer is a bit harder to take off with; none the less, it is something I am still concerned with.

For this event, I am going cashless and will only be accepting cards. 

I decided to test this out at this event purely accidentally. I forgot to go to the bank to pick up change. No time like the present to see what happens when I try something new. All that being said, if someone has exact change, I am not turning away a sale. 

Since 75% of my sales typically come from cards, I don't think this will be a hard transition. It does bring to light interchange fees that you pay to process a transaction so it's a good thing that is already factored into my pricing

More updates on my cashless experimentation in a later update. Wish me luck!