Why Blogging is Important For your Handmade Business

As handmade business owners we need to maximize our marketing efforts so we can get back to doing what we love, making. That’s where blogging comes into play.

But, why exactly is marketing important? If you don’t promote your business, you aren’t reminding customers you exist and you aren’t getting your products in front of buyers who are looking for you. It’s important to ask for the sale. If you don’t, you will be part of the small biz closure statistic. Plus, marketing through blogging helps with SEO. By using your key words and phrases that you want to be known for, it helps drive up your ranking for those words.

Here is how you make marketing and blogging easy for
your small business.


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1. You need to know who your ideal customer is and create a profile for them. Think of the customers you like designing for and whom you want more of when creating the profile. Start by answer these simple questions:

  • What is their sex, age, highest educational level, and location? Do they have any children, a spouse or significant other?
  • What other sorts of products do they buy that relate to yours?
  • Does your ideal customer have any hobbies or do anything for fun?
  • How did they find you and how do they gather their information?

2. Begin writing for your new ideal customer. Write your posts like they are your BFF. If you find something online that you think that they would like, you need to make sure that that is in content schedule. Knowing your customer profile makes your life 100% easier. 

3. Plan everything out and batch content. It’s much easier to create all of your content for one month in one sitting than it is to be rushed day in and day out. Create your plan, whether it is 1 post a week or more, and stick to it. In your planner set time aside once a month to create the content you need for the next month’s posts. If that feels too daunting right now, start with two weeks at a time.

The most important things are to get it done and to stick to it.

4. But why blogging? First, it is easy to start. If you are already on a platform like shopify, which I highly recommend, there is a blogging feature built in. The same goes with squarespace and other e-commerce platforms. The barriers to entry are very low. Plus, it gives google something new to index on your site on a regular basis which helps with SEO. It’s always a good thing to have google on your side. Writing posts for your ideal target market and making it easy for them to hit your site is exactly what you are looking to do. It will give you handmade business a human feel that the box stores have trouble emulating and is a know feature with shopping with handmade or small businesses.

What it boils down to is telling your story on your site leads to sales. Marketing is easier than most people think. Start simple. Learn about your audience. Start blogging and stick to a schedule. You’ll notice a sales increase in no time.