How To Find Sales & Money When You Need Them

Cash flow when you are starting out is one of the hardest parts of running your handmade business - at least it was for me. It always seemed like I had something I needed to pay TODAY or another bill due tomorrow. It was (and is) never ending. The difference between starting out and being a mature business is I can general predict my cash flow. But, what about those times I am just NOT comfortable with the coffers and there is something that needs attention? Here are a few ways to generate sales NOW so you can pay the bills, take advantage of supply sales, or even hire a coach. 

  1. Send out an email to your list. Reminder your past customers it is time to reorder! Or better yet, check out your new stock. To increase their chances of ordering, offer the ever popular free shipping over a certain purchase amount. Amazon and the like have Primed us (sorry, it fit) to look for free shipping so we might as well exploit the need to not pay shipping by hitting that order amount. 
  2. Host a class or webinar. I love teaching, I guess that is obvious being a coach and all! But teaching others entry level craft skills is a great way to build your community and your wallet. Classes are very low cost to host in your studio but have a relatively high ticket price. For our entry level soap classes of 1 pound of soap (4 bars) I was charging nearly $80 with the option to increase the amount of soap made for an additional cost. What can you teach online or in-person that will wow your customers?
  3. Unload unneeded supplies. We've all been there and had shiny object syndrome and purchased that tool, ingredient, packaging, or other item that we really didn't need. Selling items to others in your industry is a quick way to help out other makers and help you out. Just make sure it is something you truly won't need.

    Tip: Facebook B/S/T groups are where I tend to unload my unused soap making goods. 
  4. Presale. Have a line that is about ready to launch? Get it up online for a presale at a special price! This works for a short amount of time and IF you are so close to launching that it is in your best interest to burn the oil to get some orders coming in for your new line. Be sure to make sure your customers know they are purchasing a presale and when their purchases will ship. 
  5. Take it personal. Have you reminded your friends and family that you have your own business? this is one of the things I wish I had done more of when I was first launching. I wish I would have told people more and asked them to support my new adventure. Post photos or even go live on Facebook of your best sellers and tell your friends why your customers LOVE your products. Post about your wins and your recent successes. Plus, give them the link to make their purchase. Be sure to remind them that orders over X amount get free shipping! 

Have you tried any of these tactics to get sales now? Let us know in the Successful Makers Society!