I Hate Snow

I hate snow. I hate it. Actually, hate isn't a strong enough word. The puppies can't get off the porch because the steps have turned into a snow slide - that now needs to be shoveled. It's cold and we're stuck at home. I do believe this is the definition of hell. I moved away from the Midwest's blizzards for a reason. Snow and I do not get along. Side note: Where exactly is Spring? The good news is our farmers' markets will be starting soon! I really can't wait to get out and see everyone again. (please remind me of this post when it is 95 out with 80% humidity)

As I sit by the fireplace with Lizzy curled up next to me, I think we need to move to Napa. The wine soap maker at the California vineyards :) That is doable, right?

One can dream. Until then, there is little bath champagne in my plans for this evening.

Stay warm and safe everyone!


I don't think I ever posted an update about #teampuppy2. (bad blogger) Well, HERE IS LIZZY BENNETT! Miss LizzyDoes it get any cuter? She is a-freaking-dorable. Tonight we heard her bark for the FIRST time and she has been part of the Housman Household since late October. Needless to say, my instagram account has been FILLED with all things Lizzy. I can't help it, she is too cute. Oh, no. Lizzy just fell asleep behind me on the couch! I wish you could hear the awww's!

Lizzy has been such a blessing to our house. Bertie is getting more exercise from puppy playtime and games of chase. Our new neighbors have a little boy who is in love with Lizzy. I'm waiting for the day that the doorbell rings for a Lizzy playdate. It'll happen. He's trying to talk his mom into their own Lizzy. He's a kid after my own heart.

I can't say thank you enough to everyone who helped make #teampuppy2 happen! Joel didn't think I would have the support I did! That'll teach him. You guys rock!

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