Miniatur Wunderland!

If that isn't enough, check out the action filled miniature airport!

There aren't many places in the world where you can take a trip around the world in a few minutes; especially in miniature. Enter Miniatur Wunderland!

In Miniatur Wunderland, you can go from Vegas to searching for people in various states of life (Start at 2:30 into the clip)

Now that I sufficiently miss Germany even more, who wants to go visit Hamburg with me?

On a Flight Near You - iPad Rental

I am reading my RSS feeds, looking at the Atlantic Ocean, watching the waves crash the dolphins(!) and saw this over on The Next Web. Until the novelty of the iPad wears off, this is a fantastic idea. I haven't flown on the airline and I am assuming they don't have individual TVs. The iPad serves that purpose and they are making more money off of it. Brilliant. Now, I wonder if you can order your beverage and food from it as well? Now that would be awesome. 

Jetstar, the budget airline subsidiary of Qantas, has announced it is launching a trial iPad rental service on its planes.

The trial, which will launch later this month will see iPads, pre-loaded with movies, TV, books, music and games, rented for $10 on select flights over 90 minutes in length.

The service will use a combination of “Australian in-flight entertainment service provider Stellar Inflight and UK-based Bluebox Avionics to develop custom software for the iPad.”

Only two weeks ago, Bluebox told CNET Asia that their iPads would be “launched in July on one yet-to-be-named “international carrier” and will be available to other airlines shortly after”

It would seem that the “international carrier” referred to was Jetstar and that they’ve moved the launch forward by a few weeks, making this the first trial of its kind in the world.

While it will be cool to get your hands on a rented iPad, surely the real sexiness will come when you can stream the inflight entertainment to your own device.

Can we get some of that please, Jetstar?