Meeting Martha!

Yes, THAT Martha. As in Martha *&^$*#% Stewart. Can you ask for a better way to enjoy your Thursday? I think not. So, how did this adventure begin? I signed up to attend Alt Design Conference with two of my friends, Michelle & Beth. Wednesday night, we had dinner at this really awesome tapas restaurant that was sponsored by Atly. After learning about their new online teaching platform, we'll be teaching some Suds classes on there! (be on the lookout for those in the very near future) I met some super awesome folks at the dinner.

Thursday though, that was the day we went to THE Martha Stewart Living's Headquarters in NYC. From starting with crafts (I made a salt scrub with Bramble Berry's new Mandarin Essential Oil that will be joining the Suds lineup), to the wonderful breakfast and seeing this awesome space - we were on cloud 9.9127739994_09cdb04844_h

We heard from a variety of different bloggers on a wide-range of topics. All sorts of things that will help us improve our blogging & networking & all of that jazz. Many of the folks that spoke are probably names that you'd recognize too.

But - the pièce de résistance was Martha coming out to speak! Not only was it freaking awesome to see her in person, she gave us copies of her new book (it's a children's craft book) and the new edition of her magazine.


After all was said & done speaker wise, we were led further into the Martha Stewart Living  loft style offices for a fantastic reception. It was perfect. It was everything you would expect from something hosted at Martha's. From the decor to the candy bar to wait staff, it was just perfect.

To top it off, there is an AMAZING roof deck that overlooks Chelsea Pier. On a mid-70 degree day with a slight breeze and the sun just starting to set, it was gorgeous. The 3 of us didn't want to leave. We couldn't imagine a better ending to a packed day.