How To Get Apple Merch When You Don't Live In Cupertino

For Apple Fan Girls, like myself, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to get Apple branded mercy when you live nowhere near the ONE store on Earth that, legally, sells Apple logo products. In the past, this hasn't been a big deal. We have friends that go to Cupertino fairly often and, when we want something, we just ask them to pick a mug, pen, or t-shirt up for us. This has worked really well, until I found something that I needed to acquire before a hard deadline.

What did I have to have? First, this was really for a friend who is pregnant with her first daughter. It is an embroidered Apple baby hat (which I later learned is called a beanie). Once I discovered this hat was in existence, I search every potential place that could sell it. I scoured Etsy & Ebay; tried every keyword in Google; and eventually, remembered the Apple branded products that are only sold in the Cupertino store. Unfortunately, I thought of this about 3 hours after they closed.

The next day, Tori, the friend who had to have the beanie, patiently (ok, we we really don't do well with waiting) waited until the store opened & called them to confirm that a-they sold this beanie and b-that they would ship it to a very pregnant woman calling them the second that they opened. Enter California tax code and Apple can't ship the beanie - BUT they do sell it!

We now know there is a beanie at the store exactly 4.5 hours, by direct flight, away from Alexandria. Since we weren't planning on a trip to San Francisco in the near future, and Tori's due date is getting closer every day, we had to come up with a new solution. Enter TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit allows you to hire someone to run errands or do tasks for you in certain areas of the US; most importantly, in the Bay Area. A few minutes later, we had an account and posted our task: go to the Apple Company Store in Cupertino, buy 1 pink baby beanie/hat and ship it. A few minutes after posting the task, there were several offers for people bidding on the task. As I am writing this, there is a pink Apple beanie on its way to Tori.

So that my friends, is an easy way to get that "I've visited the mothership" t-shirt or other Apple products you've been craving; all with out leaving your couch.

Thank You

Joel has been writing lost of updates about how things are going over on his blog. If you would like a true update, head over there. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of your support, thoughts, positive energy and everything. It really means a lot to me and I don't think I can say thank you enough. Earlier today, Joel showed me all the comments and emails everyone has been leaving and sending. He read some to me in the hospital when I wasn't doing so well and they made me smile too.

Tomorrow I might get to have my favorite food item again: nonfat Latte! I am slowly building up stomach strength and I think I might be able to handle a latte after having a taco today. I figure if the taco didn't make me sick, I can handle Starbucks. Bertie and I can't walk to Starbucks so Joel is going to have to get it for me. I did manage to walk down our hallway today without scaring anybody. I even made a new friend with a boxer puppy who likes to eat junk mail.

The last thing I am thankful for is what I am typing on! Right when I was having a little breakdown before surgery, Joel told me that his parents ordered me a new computer! They spent way, way, way too much but I really, really, really, really like having a functioning computer. I love it. I am beyond in love this computer. This is the first time I've used it since getting home because I wanted to make sure I was conscious enough to not do anything to damage it. That takes strength, let me tell you (it also helped I am still on heavy doses of pain medication).

Today, Joel told me I need to stop scarring him. I guess I have managed to do that since the beginning (I took him flying on one of our first dates). Let's hope that everything starts to calm down around the Feuer/Housman household and starts getting back to our new normal. Let's hope this new normal includes showering, I still haven't figured out how to do that yet. It's a good thing we have sponges.