Our New Retailers


If you've been reading about out trade show booth progress, it's now time for the results of all of that work. The list of our new retailers! From up and down the East Coast to the West Coast, we have some awesome stores that welcomed Old Town Suds into their family.


Independent Mercantile, Inc. 728 Main Street Murphys, CA Phone: 209.728.8416

Washington, DC

Lettie Gooch 1517 U Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009 Phone: 202.332.4242

National Archives Store 700 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC Phone: 202.357.5271

National Building Museum Shop 401 F Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Phone: 202.272.2448


The Uniqueness Of It All 6786 Broad Street Douglasville, GA Phone: 678.427.8088


The Annapolis Pottery 40 State Circle Annapolis, MD 21401 Phone: 410.268.6153

The Fine Arts Company 18031 Garland Groh Boulevard Hagerstown, MD 21740 Phone: 301.971.2781

The Muse 19 North Market Street Frederick, MD 21701 Phone: 301.663.3632


Quinstance Opening Spring 2015 in Burlington, MA

North Carolina

Cedar Creek Gallery & Pottery 1150 Fleming Road Creedmoor, NC 27522 Phone: 919.528.1041


Pearl S. Buck Gift Shop 520 Dublin Rd Perkasie, PA 18944

Urban Post 323 Market Street Lewisburg, PA 17837 Phone: 570.374.0606


Artful Gift Shop 145 Church St NW Vienna, VA 22180 Phone Number: 703.242-1220

Chateau O'Brien 3238 Railstop Road Markham, VA 22643 Phone Number: 540.364.6441

Michie Tavern General Store 683 Thomas Jefferson Parkway Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone: 434.977.1234

The Picket Fence Burke Village Center 6025 Burke Centre Parkway Burke, VA 22015 Phone: 703.250.2671

Stifel & Capra 260 W Broad Street Falls Church, VA 22046 Phone Number: 703.533-3557

Tin Top Art & Handmade 130 N. Loudoun Street Winchester, VA 22601 Phone: 703.999.2997

Wanda's Hair Salon 3784 Old Franklin Tpke Rocky Mount, VA 24092 Phone Number: 540.489.1068

Old Town Suds' Trade Show Booth

I think the hardest part of making our trade show booth was figuring out the feel I wanted to project. I knew I wanted hard walls, that was a given (thank you trade show background). But, how do I want to display all of my babies soap? Thank goodness for pinterest. First off, there are hardly any soap trade show booths on there. What is plentiful are the stationary show booths. That, my friends, became my starting point. How do different handmade printers make themselves standout? How do they differentiate themselves from their neighbor? How do they stay true to their identity and still wow everyone who walks by? Luckily, when you are turning into an insomniac, these answers come quickly. Sidebar: my best ideas come between the house of 11pm and 3 am.

practice setup

Old Town Suds makes 80% of its products out of beer, wine and/or chocolate. Three things that I love to partake in! We are located in the Virginia vineyard region so I am always among the grapes and that is basis of our booth design; plus it flows naturally from our farmers' market display.

The semi-gloss  black hard walls took 5 coats and 2 gallons of paint. (Honestly, they probably could use a few more coats.) Then came the handmade shelves. These were constructed from cheap lumber we found at the lumber yard and some molding to provide a raised edge. They are wide enough to hold a beer bottle and a bar of soap laying down. Wide enough to create soap pyramids but not wide enough for much more than that. A lesson learned is, for our next trade show, we'll make some shelves for the corners and make a few wider shelves.


Next up are the lights. We used the clip lights from home depot. Originally, I thought they would provide enough spot light to highlight a few products and help draw eyes into the booth. Well, it was a good try. For the next go, we'll be investing in a different set of lights.

The sign was laser cut out of wood and held on with velcro. I really think it added a needed dimension to the booth. Also, we put a copy of our Washington Post coverage plus a few photos up of me making soap. They were to add color to the booth, plus add that little touch of showing just how handmade our products are.

Here it is! The finished product. Our first trade show booth. For my first one, I am extremely happy with the outcome. It's the first booth I've built having less than a $20,000 budget for JUST the build. It's the first booth I've built where I've been selling my own product and everything that was made by me. For those reasons alone, it's my favorite trade show booth to date.

Booth Shot

Up next, some more lessons learned and what I want to approve on before our next trade show this summer. I can't wait to make this an even better display for our wholesale customers.

Behind the Scenes

This past Friday was a little different that usual. Instead of relying on my photograph skills, which are rather unique, all of our soaps, scrubs, lip balms, and a few new products made their way over to a professional photo studio! Luckily on this sleeting, icy, rainy and in vernal no good weather day, our photographers just happened to be in our neighborhood. The 30 second drive was speedy. IMG_7140

It was fantastic seeing our soaps in a totally different light. Plus, how awesome is it that this felt like a model photo shoot! Do you see how the camera is connect straight to the laptop! We were able to make adjustments as we went and tried out several different angles.


I can't wait until we get our final photos back. Everything, from the website to promotional materials will be getting a rather needed facelift.


If you want to see some adorable photos, check out our photographers, Matt & Erika Photography. Plus, when you decide to do a photo shoot with them, you can pop on by for a soap class!

Old Town Suds in the Newspaper!

Friday was an awesome day for Old Town Suds! I had just parked the car after returning from ALT Design Conference in NYC (more about that in another post) to see tweets that we were in the Washington Post's Express! OTS_Express