Del Ray

Slowly, We Progress

The last few days have been hard, and that is being kind. Yesterday, it was all I could do to get out of bed. Every position I would get in would cause more pain and it seemed like these "top of the line" pain killers lie. (I still believe the pain killer companies are false advertisers.) Then, Mr Darcy decided he had to be held at 3am this morning. It was fine because I couldn't sleep - even The Housewives of Miami didn't help put me to sleep. Anyways, Mr D was being uber adorable. He purred like he wasn't going to get to purr again. Mr D is just plain adorable when he is in his happy kitty mood. I really think he understood that I just needed a little comforting  - and it worked. I slept on and off till 6am when Mr D came back. He literally sat on my face and I decided it was time to get up (darn cat). Through happy kitty playtime my pain started to dissipate - FINALLY!

Today, we are going to try something really adventurous!  We are going to shower AND leave the apartment complex! The other day just the shower wore me out, so I am hoping I can handle both today. So far, with the pain under control, we are looking good. We are going to venture to the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray for some frozen custard. We spoke to the Dairy Godmother on twitter to figure out their down times so we can go when there are less people. It can't be like two weeks ago when the line wrapped around the entire store. Hopefully, we will get some pictures of the adventure of leaving the complex. Ok - commencing step one: shower.