Behind the Scenes

This past Friday was a little different that usual. Instead of relying on my photograph skills, which are rather unique, all of our soaps, scrubs, lip balms, and a few new products made their way over to a professional photo studio! Luckily on this sleeting, icy, rainy and in vernal no good weather day, our photographers just happened to be in our neighborhood. The 30 second drive was speedy. IMG_7140

It was fantastic seeing our soaps in a totally different light. Plus, how awesome is it that this felt like a model photo shoot! Do you see how the camera is connect straight to the laptop! We were able to make adjustments as we went and tried out several different angles.


I can't wait until we get our final photos back. Everything, from the website to promotional materials will be getting a rather needed facelift.


If you want to see some adorable photos, check out our photographers, Matt & Erika Photography. Plus, when you decide to do a photo shoot with them, you can pop on by for a soap class!