Adoption - The Feline Kind

I tend to write a bit about our cats, Scarlet and Mr Darcy. What I haven't mentioned before is that Mr Darcy was adopted from the Arlington Animal Welfare League and Scarlet was adopted from Fancy Cats Rescue. Both came to their rescues for different reasons. Mr D was given up as a kitten by a family who couldn't care for him and his brother any more. Scarlet and her brother were found wondering in a forest in Tennessee. Yes, Tennessee. The person who found Scarlet nursed her back to health and brought her to Northern Virginia because her sister lives here. The sister knew that those of us in Northern Virginia tend to treat pets like children and the rest, is history.

A friend on facebook shared this PSA and needless to say, it struck a cord. Joel isn't allowed to watch it because then he would adopt every kitten in the metro area (I wish I was joking). So Joel, do not click play.