Kickstarter: Feeding My Coffee Addiction

Dear god do I love anything that helps me produce a better coffee in the morning, well who am I kidding, any time of day. Kickstarter, for those that haven't heard of it, is an online platform for those who have a concept/idea/product to find funding through backers. When you explore their site, you find all sorts of creative ideas, concepts and products.

One morning shortly after my surgery, Joel came rushing into the living room ecstatically telling me that I had to back this one product. The project is called The Cosmonaut: A Wide-Grip Stylus. Unlike other styluses out there, it feels more like a dry erase marker than a pen. There really isn't a similar product on the market to compare this to other than the sharpie cap styluses (love my sharpies!) and those scare me. I picture getting a stylus cap, giving it to a coworker to play with and, then, I have a permanently branded iPad. It's not the exact look I am going for for iPad decorations. Or let's face it, I would probably do that pre-coffee.

So, how does kickstarter feed my coffee addiction? Well, after backing my first project I found the mother ship. :: angelic sound::

Enter Coffee Joulies.

Coffee Joulies are these coffee shaped thing-a-ma-bobs that you put in your coffee to absorb some of the super hot temperature; later, the Joulies release that heat back into your coffee to keep it warmer longer.

In full disclosure, I backed these projects when I was still on my pain medications, but even after being off those for several weeks, I am happy I did. Actually, I can't wait for my Joulies to get here. When I backed both projects, I backed them to a level where you received the stylus and a set of Jouiles. Now, I just need them to get here.

The one part of the Coffee Joulies story that I love (besides making my coffee better) is that originally they were going to manufacture the Joulies in Mexico. It is well-known that it is usually chepaer to manufacture goods there. The Coffee Joulies kickstarter project did so well, they actually moved their manufacturing from Mexico to upstate New York! It makes me happy that more than enough people all over the world are willing to back a project to the extent that they are able to re-open a closed factory and give people jobs that wouldn't have otherwise had them.

Kickstarter is gaining lots of ground with me and turning into my little fun project finder. You can back projects at all different levels and it makes me feel like a extremely small time Angle Investor. I get something for investing and I am able to help someone's idea come to life. I like it.