Downton Abbey - Male Viewership Up 100%

I <3 the Dowager Countess & the rest of Downton Abbey. Turns out:

PBS has released its ratings numbers for Season 2 of Downton Abbey and, to some mild and socially restrained surprise, viewership among the male 18-34 demographic, — the same demographic largely to blame for the Entourage phenomenon — jumped up 100 percent, matching the rise in viewership among 18-34-year-old women as well as 35-49-year-old men (the increase among 35-49-year-old women was almost twice as high at 173 percent). These numbers represent the largest ever increase for the "Masterpiece" series, with the 18-34-year-old women giving "Masterpiece" the largest (278 percent) bump over its previous average.

Dudes Love the Dowager Countess Just as Much as You Do