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Top 3 Ways to find the BEST Craft Shows


When I first started Old Town Suds, I knew practically nothing about craft shows. Markets were a ballgame that I wasn't sure how to enter. In fact, I remember my good friend, Cate, holding my hand as I submitted my first farmers' market application. Now, I am constantly asked where I find my markets. Several people seem to think that I am the google of the area craft shows. After many years of trial and tribulation, here are my top resources for finding craft shows for your handmade business

1 - Ask

Wether you attend craft shows as a shopper or as an artist, always ask the other vendors where their best shows are. By making friends with other vendors and sharing some of my best experiences with they, they return the favor. That is how I've heard about some of my record breaking events. I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.

2 - To the Googles!

Search for key terms in your favorite search engine. I'm always on the lookout for blog posts about "indie craft shows in [city of choice]". Some of the other terms I'll search for are: Craft Mafia [plus a city], Renegade market, best holiday craft fairs [city], and Review of craft market.

3 - Manage My Market

For those of you, like me, who participate in weekly markets, Manage My Market is a great online resource for farmers' markets - especially in the DC area. My best week-to-week farmers' market sales are from a market I found on Manage My Market. I wouldn't have known about it had I not been on the hunt for markets on their site. It is important to note that most farmers' market applications go live in the months of December and January.