chiari malformation

1% (Not that 1%)

99% of the time, I forget I have a brain issue. It affects what I do on a day-to-day basis like not lifting above a certain amount, being careful how I exercises and the whatnot, but these changes have become normal for me. I'm used to asking for help moving boxes or drums of 400 pounds of oil. (My husband hates oil drums, I love them!) Today, though, today is a different story. Today is that nasty 1% . I knew I needed to prepare for today last night. See, there is a giant snow storm hitting us right as this very moment. For most people, it's just an annoyance in the typical way snow reminds us that a majority of the people living in the DC area do not know how to drive in snow. For me, I am pretty much bedridden. And it stinks.

Last night I stayed up until 2am making soap and trying to cram two days worth of work into one. I've learned in the last 4 years how pressure changes, like the we are having right now, take me out of commission. It isn't your standard headache. It's not a migraine. It's almost like an altitude sickness, but at the house I've owned for more than a year. My face starts tingling and that is when I know it's time to start taking my meds and curl up on the couch with the puppies. I imagine what I go through during these changes is similar to what it is like to have a stroke. Funny story there, the first time it happened I was told I was having a stroke - they were seriously wrong.

I am not sharing this for you to feel sorry for me. I'm sharing it because when I first found out I had a Chiari Malformation, it was hard to find out things about what it means to have Chiari. I know a majority of the people who find my blog are doing so through Chiari searches. Plus, sometimes you just need to get the bad parts out there so you appreciate the good days more.