Mini Intensive

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Mini Intensive

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I remember the days when I first started my soap business. I was making decisions that hindered me. Did you know I actually started out selling green cleaning products? It was by accident that I stumbled upon soap. Had I started working with a coach soon, I would have done the research to know I was taking the wrong approach and how to improve quicker, faster, and be able to turn a side hustle into a side income much sooner. 

I'm Ready for Success

But I didn't so I suffered along in my job post-brain surgery wondering what in the hell I was doing. 

I know it's easy to put things off... and to tell yourself that you'll get to it later. But in this case, I really want you to avoid that temptation. That's why I'm giving my new community members the opportunity to make leaps in their business with a mini intensive session at 75% off.

Why? Because I know what inaction looks and feels like. 

In fact, if you're not absolutely eager to get started rocking with Mini Intensive and changing your life forever, then something is seriously wrong.

I really wish I could go into specialized marketing and sales advice in a whole lot more detail for you, but you simply need more information than I'm able to give you in an email. So please do yourself a favor and pick up Mini Intensive, as it will help you a ton.

Once you purchase the Mini Intensive, Steffanie will contact you to schedule your 90 Minute session.